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Helps ensure no problem starts in cold weather

Improved starts, reduced engine wear and better fuel economy with our recently added Winter Weather Combo Pack. This is a great addition to your van to ensure no problem starts in cold weather. Installing this Combo Pack will extend your engine′s life, improve starting and increase fuel economy. This Combo Pack will ensure both reliable starting and instant cab heating upon start up. This Combo is for the MB 3.0 litre V-6.

Complete installation instructions for all three items are included in the shipment. This product is non-returnable.

Combo Pack includes:

a) a 120V oil heater

b) an inline 120V coolant heater

c) Sprinter 07+ Front Winter Mask

Sprinter Winter Combo Pack $298 plus S & H

Oil Heater

Inline Heater

Sprinter Winter Mask